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A black cherry scented wax melt with red glitter.

This collection is inspired and to bring awareness of depression. Let's be real here, depression is a very scary mental illness. The scarier part is that people around us can be suffering from it and nobody around has the slightest clue until its too late. Although not officially diagnosed, we have been struggled through it and know how exhausting and frustrating it can be and how no one close to us even realized it. What we can say for sure though is you can push thorough it with the help of family and friends or with the help of professionals. You are worth it, you are not alone and forever loved. Never forget that! It's ok to ask for help, you're only human. :)

What's included:

  • 1 skull
  • 1 smaller skull
  • 2 faces
  • 3 screamers

Handmade by Bubba's Melty in Northern Ireland

Disclaimer: Due to the difference in monitors and lots, actual color may vary depending on batches made. Please note some colors may stain light surfaces.